Pre-op Instructions:

·         Sometime before your procedure a staff member from this facility will call to arrange an anesthesia pre-operative visit or conference call.

·         At this time a staff member will also confirm your appointment time and any necessary lab work that needs to be completed.

·         The day prior to your surgery you will again be contacted to confirm your arrival time.

·         Standard outpatient procedures are generally covered by your medical insurance. Full payment for any applicable deductible or co-pay is required at admission.

·         For your convenience, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and personal checks are accepted.

·         For procedures not covered by insurance please check with the billing office on requirements for payment on the day of surgery.

·         Your physician and anesthesiologist fees, as well as any pathology or laboratory studies, are processed separately by the individual service providers.

·         Please make sure you have a copy of insurance card(s). Our staff will need to verify and make a copy of the card(s) when you check-in on the day of your surgery.

·         If you notice any health changes, please call your doctor before the day of your procedure. Report even minor changes such as a cough or cold.

·         Follow the EAT or DRINK limitations.
Your physician or a surgery center staff member will provide you instructions for the limitations of food and drink your particular procedure will require. Please follow these instructions. Your surgery may be cancelled if you do not follow the required food and drink limitations.

·         Follow the Medications requirements.
All patients taking any medications will be provided instructions for the medication requirements by your physician or a staff member. Please be prepared to list all medications you are taking and bring any with you (e.g., inhaler, insulin, blood pressure medicines) that you may need during your stay.

·         For your safety and protection, you will not be allowed to drive following your procedure. Please arrange for someone to bring you and to escort you home from the Center. We ask that it be a parent who brings a child scheduled for surgery.

·         If you live alone, we suggest that you arrange for someone to stay with you the first night after your procedure.